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 Conor Engineering Tubber Co Clare

Balewrappers :Trailed,mounted,Combi (above)

Modes of operation:

Manual,Remote Cable Control,Joystic Control(cable),NEW Servo Joystic

Fully Automatic Eletronic,Remote Control,

Below some Photos of Claude Williams a Connor owner demonstrating in the Kemira Grassland 1999

Conor Balewrapper Picking up silage bale (cap 1000kg)

Conor 9700J Joystic balewrapper Wrapping round silage bale

Conor balewrappers are built for the heaviest silage bales

Conor 9700J balewrapper finished wrapping the automatic cut & tie can be seen cuting the silage film,notice hydraulicly dampened rear table mat meets the bale &will gently lower it to the ground eliminating any risk of damage to the silage film.Thank you Claude

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